Assess your cyber risk and compare to your competitors.

Évaluation en cyberrisque

How do you properly assess the cyber security threats to which your business is exposed? Before requesting a cyber security insurance policy, a thorough risk assessment allows you to make the necessary changes to your current situation.

If your risk profile is healthy, you will be rewarded and your insurance premiums will be more affordable. Here are a few key elements which will affect your cyber-risk rating and, consequently, your insurance premium:

  • Does my business regularly train employees on computer security (for instance, phishing or managing passwords)?
  • Do my computer technicians ensure, on a monthly basis, that all computer systems are running with the latest security updates and patches?
  • Does my business store confidential information (intellectual property, credit card information, fiscal data on individuals, etc)
  • Does my business plan on manufacturing products that collect personal information about a lot of people (for instance, a pharmacy uses connected devices to learn about the health of its clients)?


The CyberSwat Group accompanies clients in the assessment process and helps establish an acceptable level of risk for their respective businesses.

Based on the ISO/IEC 27005:2011 (Information Security Risk Management) international standard, our risk assessment method builds upon the Cybersecurity Framework of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to propose cyber security measures and solutions suited to each business.

Our method is also adapted to the particular needs of the cyber-risk insurance industry. We, therefore, establish risk profiles which take into account cyber-risk insurance coverage currently offered on the market.

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