The security of your data, our priority

Insuring Enhanced Protection


The CyberSwat Group specializes in cybersecurity. Our mission is to ensure Quebec businesses remain a going concern. CyberSwat protects your most critical data.

For us, the excellence of the work carried out is a priority. We act transparently with our clients, partners and employees. Since 2015, our team of passionate experts has been listening to you and using all its knowledge to protect your organization and its customers.

Aware of the particular context in which each company operates, we offer customized solutions to each of our customers. We help you find the right balance in the implementation of security measures to minimize costs.


Based on the ISO/IEC 27005:2011 (Information Security Risk Management) international standard, our risk assessment method builds upon the Cybersecurity Framework of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to propose cyber security measures and solutions suited to each business.


Do you strive to minimize the impact and number of security breaches? Implement a cyber security protection program and boost your business’ cybersecurity. We offer a security awareness training program, as well as tools that evolve your business practices.


When a security breach occurs, time is your enemy. Containing the breach and controlling the outcome to return to business-as-usual in a timely manner is crucial. The CyberSwat Group assists companies experiencing cyber threats and can reduce the dollar amount of a claim should the unexpected occur.

Our experts certifications

Some figures on cybersecurity today:

5,8 millions $

Average cost of a data breach in Canada

250 $

Average per record cost of a data breach in Canada

The cost of a data breach is not only the cost of resolving it:

Even for small businesses, the cost of a data breach is high:

  • Detection & escalation
  • Notification
  • Post breach cost
  • Lost business cost
  • In CAD$ millions